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Why we need Donations

Donating is a good way to help us pay our monthly bills and continue to provide our awesome services to our community. In return, we hook you up with the perks we offer.

We've done our best to ensure that these do not affect the gameplay of others or provide an unfair advantage to players - we are not a pay to win style of server. Donators are not treated any differently from other players and a donation is purely to support us and keep us alive :)

Packages include individual perks, or ranks that have a bundle of perks for a cheap affordable price.

Browse our fine collection of NOT-PAY2WIN packages!

Monthly goal of 60.00 USD is needed to keep the server running. This covers just the datacenter fee of renting the dedicated server hardware.

We are a non for profit group, which means any and all funds we receive are for server costs. All donations go straight to server payments and server upgrades.


Payments accepted through via PayPal or Credit Card!(Note : Credit/Debit Cards under "don't have a paypal account")

Terms of Donations

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Monthly Bill Goal

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(If you accidentally misspell or type in the wrong username, no worries. Open a ticket at with proof of payment, your username, and what you purchased. It may take up to 24 hours for a response.)

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J0RB0C • 13th Jun 17
[Free] 5.0 Lagoons (
imsobeast1016 • 3rd Jul 16
[Free] Milk & Cookie
Coobbyo • 27th May 16
[Free] 5.0 Lagoons (
VolksWagner • 12th Apr 16
[Free] 5.0 Lagoons (